How does an essay differ from other genres?

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How does an essay differ from other genres?

     Highlight several features of the essay:

  • The essay should not be huge, for this genre is characterized by a small amount. Of course, in different institutions require a different volume, but it should be no more than 7 sheets of A4 in any case.
  • Freedom of expression of thoughts. This genre has no clear framework for writing. The main thing is free thinking on the chosen topic and readiness to defend your position.
  • Clearly formulated topic or problem. The work can not be several topics at the same time, the author must develop one topic and consider it from different sides.
  • Propensity to use colloquial speech.
  • At the same time, the author should avoid slang vocabulary, yet such written work should be taken seriously by the reader.

How to write text for an essay?

     It is one thing to read the theory and quite another to switch to practice. But in fact, writing an essay is nothing complicated.
     It is important to adhere to the basic principles, and then it will be easier to develop the basic idea of ​​your essay.
     As ideally, the process of writing an essay should look like. First, you need to decide on the topic of work. It should be interesting to the author, to worry him. How can the author be interested in the reader if he is not interested in the topic on which he is writing? Therefore, it is one of the most important stages of work.
     After the author is determined with the topic, you need to direct all forces to reflection and reflection. It may be necessary to collect additional material in order to fully cover the topic of the essay.
     The best assistant for you will be the plan of written work. So you can highlight the main points in the text and structure it. We need to break the work into paragraphs and come up with bright headlines for each section of the plan. Usually the plan is given at the end along with all the work, so you need to approach this with all the responsibility.
     While writing the main part, you should follow the presentation of their thoughts. They should be concise and well defined. And you definitely need to back them up with arguments and facts, otherwise your essay will turn into free-thinking.
      Conclusions about the work done are formed in the conclusion, summing up and accentuating the result. Without conclusions, your essay will be incomplete.